Application Security
CI/CD Pipelines
Discover vulnerabilities in your apps right after the dev's commit
  • Parent-child architecture
    Transparent scanning without stopping the development pipeline
  • All kinds of scanners
    Look for secrets, code issues, vulnerable libraries in code and docker images, web and infrastructure issues
  • Report to Defect Management open-source platforms
    All checks deliver their reports to DefectDojo, where they are properly processed and deduplicated
What's inside
And how it works in a process
Security pipelines integration guideline
Watch our Pipeline Integration video to see how easy it is.
You can connect them yourself or call our team.
Here are some vulnerable repositories to play with.
How to start?
Follow this guide
And feel free to ask any questions :)
Trusted by many companies
  • Evgeny Protopopov
    Head of IT, Exness
  • Georgii Starostin
    CISO, Citymobil
  • Vladislav Podolyako
    CEO, Belkins
  • Stanislav Bodyagin
    CTO, CurrencyCentral
  • Anatoly Makovetsky
    Head of Security, Pepperstone
  • Vatclav Dovnar
    Head of Security, inDrive