Application security
We appreciate your time and desire to do everything yourself.
That's why all our products are free/open-sourced
Free Features
  • Measure
    Metrics works out of the box.
    All you need is to assign them to product owners using our video guides
  • Verify faster
    Triage vulnerabilities x2 faster with rapid interface
  • Create Jira tasks
    Portal will make tasks automatically. All you need is to remind product owners about their risk metric & security backlog
Premium features
Special settings, team support, triage automations, video guidelines and much more
  • Support
  • Automations
  • Triage team
  • Video guidelines
That's your future security workplace :)
  • In just five months, has reduced vulnerabilities in core applications by 40% while implementing SecDevOps practices. They've also prevented two potential cyber-attacks and have decreased first response times for the bug bounty program. Transparency and industry knowledge are critical.
    Evgeny Protopopov
    Head of IT, Exness
  • Great communication and a great job getting DevSecOps up and running.
    Georgii Starostin
    CISO, Citymobil
  • effectively identified critical vulnerabilities and improved the client's core processes. They also optimized costs by eliminating ineffective solutions. They succeeded in buttressing the client's security measures. The team was comprised of friendly experts who were easy to work with.
    Vladislav Podolyako
    CEO, Belkins
  • Whitespots team checked many things and helped us to raise email deliverability and protect our staging environment. We had some critical vulnerabilities before launch, that could be used by attackers. They helped us with rechecking and fixes.
    Stanislav Bodyagin
    CTO, CurrencyCentral
  • It was effective, we fixed 4 critical vulnerabilities that may lead to data loss and service damage in future.
    Want to mark the speed of work, their skills and passion to help us with fixes. Our collaboration was looking
    like they really want to help us and they helped a lot.
    Rick Bravo
    CEO, Restoraids