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Software testing & security
for your business

FREE offers
for small teams*
Pay as you grow
Business-specific expertise
Banks, Forex, SaaS, E-Commerce, Delivery..
Unique service
Will help you to track issues and teach developers after assessments
Grow your business and stay safe from hackers even if you are a small team
Maxim Mosharov
Whitespots CEO
Our TOP 5 services
Just to understand what we mostly do
Building SSDLC
Target: Involve security in your development process with understandable metrics
  • Transparent & controllable security state
  • Opportunity to present products as secure by design
  • Reduced risks for investors (raised market value)
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Performance testing services
Target: Setup performance testing to reduce products loading time
  • Growing revenue from satisfied clients
  • Stable products, which are ready for more integrations
Pentests & Security assessments
Target: Check the current security state with external vision
  • Security state traction (if it is a part of continuous process)
  • More new bugs with fresh look
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Phishing simulations
Target: Check the state of TOP 1 security risk for each company
  • Understandable metric of vulnerable employees
  • Is education by itself
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BugBounty services
  • BugBounty support
  • Private BugBounty from our hackers hub
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How much you will get
— Current state discussion
— Actions plan
— 1 automated scan
— Fix recommendations
— Leakages check
— Manual & automated web application security scan
— Source code review for security vulnerabilities
— A report with recommendations including mitigation steps for found vulnerabilities
— Autotest for issues rechecks (if applicable)
From €2200
Based on limitations
Process building
— Understandable metrics to control your security state
— Process introduction
— Participants education
— Threat assessment
— Business-specific security requirements
— Architecture review
— Integrated tools (SAST, DAST, Dependency checkers, Secret finders)
Per month
TOP triggers to choose Whitespots
You don't know your current security state
Security sounds like a stopper for your team
You have no leakages monitoring
Your clients wait for your web more than 3 seconds
R&D team has no autotests
Feel the service
We know our competitors and can be confident in a quality of our service
Free quality check
Feel free to contact us for any question about your products quality and security
Issues rechecking
With all short-term activities such as security or quality assessment (audit) you will get a free issues fixing traction from our team.
Industry specific expertise
Make sure that Whitespots is aware of the specific problems in your business..
We work with various clients and have extensive experience in e-commerce, banks, Forex, delivery services, SaaS, Pharma and other areas.
Pay as you grow model
You can start building security from zero cost with solutions from Whitespots
Transparent prices and gifts
Our prices depends on code lines, API endpoints and working hours. We make such options to give you a full control of total price
Our clients about us
In just five months, has reduced vulnerabilities in core applications by 40% while implementing SecDevOps practices. They've also prevented two potential cyber-attacks and have decreased first response times for the bug bounty program. Transparency and industry knowledge are critical.
Evgeny Protopopov
Head of IT, Exness effectively identified critical vulnerabilities and improved the client's core processes. They also optimized costs by eliminating ineffective solutions. They succeeded in buttressing the client's security measures. The team was comprised of friendly experts who were easy to work with.
Vladislav Podolyako
CEO, Belkins
Whitespots team checked many things and helped us to raise email deliverability and protect our staging environment. We had some critical vulnerabilities before launch, that could be used by attackers. They helped us with rechecking and fixes.
Stanislav Bodyagin
CTO, CurrencyCentral
It was effective, we fixed 4 critical vulnerabilities that may lead to data loss and service damage in future.
Want to mark the speed of work, their skills and passion to help us with fixes. Our collaboration was looking
like they really want to help us and they helped a lot.
Rick Bravo
CEO, Restoraids

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