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Discover vulnerabilities without false positives in 15 minutes

One Application Security platform for all your needs

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Engineers save with portal automations


Average number of daily discovered, deduplicated and validated vulnerabilities


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  • Import more than 20 report formats
  • Deduplication within a product and reports
  • Visual dashboard
  • Jira Integration
  • Risk score per product
  • Fast moving from DefectDojo

And many more features


All free features included, plus:
  • OSA, SECRETS, SAST, DAST checks for all assets
  • Customized scanning sequences
  • Scheduled scanning
  • Low-code CI/CD
  • PDF Reports


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All auditor features, plus:
  • Automated issue validation
  • Advanced Deduplication
  • SSO authentication
  • CVSS based issues scoring


Saving Time and Money


By integrating the AppSec Portal into your software development lifecycle, all security tasks such as vulnerabilities verification, Jira tasks creation, deduplication, etc. are automated, resulting in saving hundreds of work hours each month.


Furthermore, the AppSec Portal is tracking vulnerabilities, allowing you to focus on the most critical and dangerous issues, thus making security management even more efficient.

target Focus on truly important tasks

target No delays or procrastination

Scan everything


Our Platform supports various report formats to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of popular scanners, covering code, secret, web scanners, and many more.


With Whitespots portal you can even conduct scheduled scans of all your IT assets, such as repositories, docker images, web domains and hosts.

target Combined power of dozens of scanners

target Full visibility of all IT assets

No additional education required

Ease of use

Deploying the AppSec Portal is quick and straightforward. Coupled with its well-organized and user-friendly interface, you'll have round-the-clock control over your product's security state.


Additionally, we offer a comprehensive guide to the AppSec Portal, meticulously updated with each release to ensure you're always equipped with the latest information.

target Less than 30 minutes to deploy

target User-Friendly Dashboard and visual reports

How it works

  1. Get the License Key
    Just visit our store and obtain your free/paid license
  2. Installation
    Deploy the portal in your infrastructure using the guide
  3. Configuration
    Set up integrations

Use cases

Control the security state

Measure and control your application security state using such metrics as:
  • Weighted Risk Trend (overall & per product)
  • Vulnerabilities count per severity with time graph
  • Mean time to verify/reject vulnerabilities
  • Mean time to assign/resolve tasks
  • Manual/Automated status change

Simplify Engineers' Routine

  • Consolidate reports from all scanners into a single tool
  • Automatically identify and remove duplicate vulnerabilities
  • Validate and reject issues using automation rules
  • Generate Jira tasks immediately after verification


  • Detailed customizable reports with a variety of task-relevant metrics for security regulators.
  • Quickly check asset updates for compliance with cybersecurity standards
  • Comply with ISO 27001, SOC 2 etc.

Vendor Management

  • Fast evaluation of the security posture of acquired software.
  • Compose an extensive summary of the security state of your product for potential buyers.
  • Instant assessment of the security status of your assets for presentation to management.

Product Risk Assessment

  • Vulnerability criticality assessment at any stage of the development lifecycle of a product.
  • Applicable for both existing and new applications.
  • Helps to identify and address the most critical factors for security of any assets

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